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At Joanne's Fitness Studio - our small class size of 6 - 8 in both our women's and men's classes ensure:
  • You will receive personalized training and guidance at every class session
  • You will increase your fitness and strength level at an optimal pace - with gentle supervision and tips each step of the way...
  • You'll meet lots of other new friends who share your fitness goals

But Please don't take our word for it - see what our satisfied clients have to say about working out at Joanne's Fitness Studio -

I like the variety of the weekly workouts and especially the way Joanne modifies each exercise to fit the needs of her clients.
Terri-Ann Martocci
Committed, Congenial
Being part of a committed, congenial exercise group has kept me motivated for four years. I am so much stronger at 72 than I was as 68. Lilla Dean
Individualized Classes, Flexible Schedule
Joanne's Fitness Center - Small individualized classes with flexible schedule. High integrity concern and care for each person's individual needs for exercising and staying healthy. Barbara Borrello
And No One Cares What I Wear
Joanne's Studio is a gift I give myself twice a week - A great workout for my body, plus time with classmates to listen, laugh, and celebrate life ...and no one cares what I wear! Janet Hovious
Great Fitness Routine + Network of Friends
When you join Joanne’s Studio you not only get a great Fitness Routine, but you also acquire a vast support network of friends.

Working out at Joanne's Studio is like having your own Personal Trainer that you share with six Friends. Just wish I had started this Exercise Program when I was 25 instead of when I was 55 years old as physically I would probably appear much younger than I do now. Jane Brymer

Camaraderie, Closeness, Fun
Joanne Lockwood is one of those rare treasures who does her job with a passion and single-minded focus. Her one and only intent is the well-being and betterment of her clients. Working out with my class at the studio is never a chore -on the contrary, it is camaraderie, closeness, fun, and as a bonus, you get to look and feel great! No one could ask for a better coach, cheerleader, and compassionate fitness instructor. We love her!"
Laura Mayer
Invaluable Friends - While We Sweat!
My husband and I have both joined Joanne's Fitness Center and we both love it! The benefit of the studio is extensive fitness knowledge combined with her genuine concern for each of her clients to reach their personal physical potential makes each session totally fulfilling. We also benefit from the invaluable friends we have made while we sweat and push ourselves. This is the added dimension that makes Joanne's the only full service fitness center. We would not be anywhere else! Do not miss out on being a part of Joanne's Fitness Center! Brian and Susan White
Life Long Friendships
I have been a client since October 2000. I workout twice a week at the same time with the same group of women. I have to be accountable not only to me, but to my fellow workout partners. I weight train with the class and can use the cardio machines any time. I am also able to switch classes when a conflict comes up in my schedule. I have established so many life long friendships from my own class, as well as the other women that go to Joanne's Fitness Studio.
Marsha Moskowitz
Perfect For Any Age Client

I am one of the new kids at the Studio – a client for less than two years. I was impressed early on by the longevity of the women (number of years as clients) at Joanne’s Fitness Studio, and it did not take long to figure out why.

The Studio is perfect for any age client. The attention one receives at every session is individualized to one’s strength and to one’s weaknesses. I know the sessions have made a tremendous difference with my physical health, to say nothing of the benefits one gets through the interaction with the other women who are clients of the Studio. There is a sense of well-being among us as well as concern for every woman who is a client. ---- Prue Shepard
Workout + Solve The World's Problems
Joanne is an excellent instructor and advisor. While constantly monitoring form and providing a challenging workout, she and the environment also make the workout fun. The assigned days and times of my classes creates a commitment to get there.

The camaraderie of my classmates makes the workout enjoyable and working out with several men in the same class offers a level challenge I would not experience working out alone. We also have a chance to talk about goings on around town, family concerns, politics, and jokes, solve all the world’s problems, etc.

Don’t stop working out because you’re aging, stop aging because you’re working out! Kevin R. McNerney

NOT A Solitary Workout
Joanne's Fitness Studio is so much more than a gym or workout center. Most exercise centers encourage solitary workouts. Feel the burn and get out! Joanne's treats the whole person. The classes are structured in such a way that you become part of an inner group of individuals. People who not only exercise with you, but laugh with you, cry with you, support you when you need it, congratulate you when you've earned it, challenge you to be the best you can be, or just listen to what you have or need to say.

Joanne's Fitness Studio is unique in this way. It offers fitness, toning, and challenges, along with a unique personal touch. You're not anonymous, you're not a number. YOU MATTER! Jo-Ann Dempsky

Small Groups The Best!
The small group exercise experience at Joanne's Studio offers the opportunity to have your program altered when needed. I am an active individual and my muscles have not always been at their readiness for a lifting program on every morning I attend the studio. The small group exercise experience at Joanne's Studio has always offered the opportunity to have your program altered when needed. Lately, I have been having difficulty with muscles in my thigh area as a result from a "freaky"fall in a parking lot. It has been a somewhat long healing process for me. Through Joanne's help at the studio I have been able to not only alter my program but also to discover exercises that are truly alleviating the tightness and strain left behind by the fall. Maria
If you're interested in maintaining or improving your level of fitness, prefer small group classes or private classes, plus highly personalized service,
Please Contact Joanne's Fitness Studio for a free tour or with any fitness questions - Joanne Lockwood
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